Wearing Color Is an Energy Vitamin: 6 Mindfulness Tips on Incorporating the Right Colors Into Your Wardrobe by Amanda Hainline

2 years ago

Wearing Color Is an Energy Vitamin: 6 Mindfulness Tips on Incorporating the Right Colors Into Your Wardrobe

Most people pick clothing based on which color goes best with their skin tone or which color best expresses how they feel. But have you ever considered picking clothes based on what colors you need?

Since color is such a powerful tool and holds the energetic vibrations of emotions, it makes sense that we should use it to our advantage whenever possible – including when you are deciding what clothes to wear!

How Colors Relate to Emotions

The human energy system is a fabulous array of color. Every person has seven main chakras or energy centers of the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, which are each representative of vibrational and emotional energy. Orange, for example, usually represents sexuality, creativity and self-expression, while green is usually indicative of love, harmony, gratitude and compassion.

Some people's chakras can be very strong and vibrant; a very bright orange chakra potentially represents a very sensual, sexual and creative individual, while other people's orange chakras can be very dull. An aura devoid of green suggests a person who may have difficulty being loving or compassionate with themselves and others.

The more you focus on a specific color – whether it be looking at a beautiful green forest, eating a bright red apple or wearing a comfy blue sweater – the more you bring that color into, and strengthen, that portion of your energy system.

Each color, therefore, has a use, kind of like a vitamin that is providing a specific nutrient.

Color Wearing Tips

So how do we know the appropriate colors to wear in our wardrobe, so we can provide that specific benefit or “nutrient” to ourselves? What colors are you drawn to? Chances are, the colors that make you feel good are the colors you need to be taking into your energy system.

Here are some of my top color-wearing tips:

  1. If you are having a big meeting and feel like you are lacking confidence, try out wearing something red or orange to bring on the power to boost you.
  2. Feeling a bit sad? It’s almost impossible to feel sad while wearing something bright and yellow. You’ll feel as bright as the sun in no time!
  3. If you're going holiday shopping and want to want to curb your impulsive spending, try wearing green and blue. That’ll help heal some of the anxiety behind the impulses and cause you to feel a bit more balanced. Stay away from wearing red, though! That’ll help increase your credit card bill in no time!
  4. If you are relaxing after a long week, cuddle up in some soft off-white, pink or gray loungewear for the morning.
  5. If you’re not sure which colors to wear, just open up your closet and see what clothes you are attracted to that day. Let your intuition guide you.
  6. If you feel you need to wear a color that does not look good on you, put it on under your clothes, slip it in your pocket or wear it in accessories. This way you still get the benefit without feeling like you are washed out or overpowered by it.

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Donna John
This is so true. I'm not a red person, but when I do wear it, I do feel like I have more energy. It's so funny. What does it mean when your favorite colors to wear are earth colors? Rust, brown, grey, black, blue? Amanda Hainline
I wear greens and blues when I want to feel calm. 💚💙💚💙
Elisa Schmitz
Love this, Amanda Hainline . I really believe the colors we wear send signals not only to ourselves, but to others. Thank you for sharing these insights with us!

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