Sensory Processing Disorders In Kids: They're More Common Than You Think by Annette Jett

Sensory Processing Disorders In Kids: They're More Common Than You Think

Sensory disorders in children are more common than you may think. As a special needs child with a brain disorder, my daughter is very sensitive to the environment around her. She can be triggered by noises or biofeedback not visible to others.This can lead to tantrums or meltdowns that are difficult to control and leave her – and us – feeling exhausted.

Understanding the symptoms of sensory disorders can help to treat it. Once identified, you can remove or lessen the causes of discomfort or brain overload, thus creating a more peaceful environment, a happier child and relief for parents.

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thank you for bringing attention to this, Annette Jett !
Stacey Roberts
What would happen if the word "disorder", which is such a negative label, was replaced by the word "condition"? I mean Is it just me or doesn't sensory condition sound better than sensory disorder?

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