Daily Self-Care for Moms: 4 Ways to Transform Everyday Life Into Simple Self-Care Moments by Kandice Cole

6 months ago
Daily Self-Care for Moms: 4 Ways to Transform Everyday Life Into Simple Self-Care Moments

Author Shelby Hyatt posted a viral post about motherhood. It stated: "Cleaning your house without kids is not a break. Showering is not a break. Grocery shopping alone is not a break. It's chores and basic hygiene but mothers are supposed to be grateful to do these things that literally everyone else just does.”

That statement resonated with me as I juggle being a mother and entrepreneur. I agree that basic chores and hygiene should not be the only time moms get a chance to practice self-care. For a lot of moms, though, it can feel discouraging if you find it difficult to find me time on your calendar. I believe that basic routines can be a pathway to creating meaningful self-care practices if you ask one simple question: How can you upgrade your routines so that they make you feel nourished and cared for deeply?

Here are four ways you can take basic tasks and turn them into self-care moments:

  1. Showering: Buy some eucalyptus to hang in the shower or use shower bombs to take showers to the next level.
  2. Eating: Buy new plates that bring you joy. Eat outside alone on the patio.
  3. Grocery Shopping: Before grocery shopping take time to journal or get coffee by yourself. Then, run the errands. When shopping, purchase a special gift for yourself.
  4. Cleaning: Before cleaning, do a series of stretches and breathing.

While many chores and routines are not self-care, with some new perspective, they can be upgraded to become self-care rituals. Over time, you will start to get creative about finding time to practice self-care more consistently. For now, it's OK to start where you are.

Be generous with yourself. You are doing your absolute best and deserve all the goodness that life has to offer.

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I could not love this any more. So very true and so needed by so many.
More moms need to give themselves permission and time to do things like this!
Love how you’ve changed chores into opportunities for self-care. 🔥
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Brilliant, Kandice Cole . We have to find opportunities to care for ourselves wherever we can. I love your suggestions, thank you!
Kandice Cole
You are welcome!! Thank you for reading!

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