Tinnitus, Vertigo & Dizziness: The Invisible Symptoms of Hormonal Changes During Menopause & Pregnancy by Joey Remenyi

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2 years ago

Tinnitus, Vertigo & Dizziness: The Invisible Symptoms of Hormonal Changes During Menopause & Pregnancy

Tinnitus (noises in the head or ears), vertigo (a sensation of movement when still) and dizziness are symptoms that are commonly experienced during menopause and pregnancy. This is largely due to the incredible change and flux of hormones that our body and brain are wading through in any given moment. It can leave our brain exhausted and our neural networks a bit back-logged. In short, we don't really feel like our "normal" self.

These elusive, invisible and at times debilitating symptoms are all related to neural messages bouncing between our inner ears, our eyes, our body and our brain. In other words, these are sensory conflicts that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, lost, disconnected, crazy and not-quite-right (NQR).

Tinnitusvertigo and dizziness are often overlooked, ignored or heavily medicated rather than treated with a whole-person or integrated-healing approach. Some women are even told that "there is no cure" or to "live with it." This is not true.

Given that these tinnitus sounds we hear randomly in our body and the distorted "out-of-body" vertigo sensations that we experience are coming from clusters of neurons firing in unhelpful or random ways, it makes good sense to take a neuroplasticity approach to healing them. Neuroplasticity is our body's capacity to adapt and change its neural network connections. We use neuroplasticity each time we try new activities or learn new things. Novelty, self-awareness, self-kindness, willingness and openness to feel what we feel are core to using neuroplasticity for healing.

What Can You Do If You Have These Symptoms and Feel Stuck?

  1. Know that you are not crazy and you are not alone. Whatever you feel or hear are real. These are actual neural messages firing throughout your body and brain. It is safe for you to feel or hear them. You could consider these sensations as messengers from your inner Self, designed for you to feel and hear so that you can better get to know yourself, your limits and how to best nurture yourself.
  2. You do not need to get rid of these sound or dizziness sensations. In fact, trying to get rid of them can make them louder, stronger and more persistent or chronic. Get medical clearance to ensure that there is no serious underlying disease and trust your doctor when they tell you that everything looks within normal limits. As you learn not to be afraid of what you hear and feel, and to instead listen to these sensory messages with the intention of heeding the wisdom that they carry, your body can naturally re-establish its own balance and return to feeling normal again.
  3. Pause and tune in to your body. What support is your body needing? In what ways might you be needing cleansing or nourishment physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually? Before you opt for the quick-fix pill or magical device, try listening to the wisdom of your body and see if you can hear its whispers.

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All of these have happened to me and it's not fun. Thank you for this.
I had vertigo once and it was awful. Helpful info. 🙌🏼
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, Joey Remenyi , this is really insightful. Amazing how conditions like these get brushed aside, when so many people suffer from them. I didn't realize there's a hormonal connection. Many thanks for shining a light on this, and welcome to 30Seconds!

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