COVID Long Hauler Syndrome: Why Dr. Anthony Fauci Compared Long COVID Syndrome With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Jacob Teitelbaum

2 years ago

COVID Long Hauler Syndrome: Why Dr. Anthony Fauci Compared Long COVID Syndrome With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has compared long COVID syndrome with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

According to a study published in Frontiers in Medicine in April, 2021, COVID-19 can actually trigger chronic fatigue syndrome. Twenty-seven percent of COVID-19 survivors between 18 and 39 and 43 percent of survivors 65 and older suffer from long hauler syndrome (JAMA Open Network, February 19, 2021). Another review of 45 studies with almost 10,000 people who had COVID-19 found that over 70 percent continue to experience at least one symptom 60 days later (JAMA Network Open, May 26, 2021).

It’s good that COVID-19 infection rates are declining, but we need to focus also on the post-viral aftereffects that make it a critical, long-range national health concern. For millions, COVID-19 will be a chronic medical condition – the perfect storm for which we are sorely unprepared.

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Yikes, good to know. 🙏🏼
Elisa Schmitz
We still don't know all we don't know about COVID and its lasting effects. Many thanks for sharing your insights with us, Jacob Teitelbaum !
I know people who have this, it's awful.

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