How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage: ​5 Ways to Build Self-Esteem & Foster Emotional Healing by Dr. Bradley Nelson

3 years ago

How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage: ​5 Ways to Build Self-Esteem & Foster Emotional Healing

The isolation and job loss due to COVID-19 is taking a toll on our mental health as recent studies show, but you can improve how you feel about yourself and your life. When negative emotions are weighing you down, it can be hard to feel confident and proud of who you think you are. Emotional healing helps to build self-esteem, self-love and positive feelings about life.

Learning how to release your trapped emotional baggage allows your heart, body and mind to heal from all kinds of things. When you feel better, you are free to focus on all the wonderful things you have to offer the world. It can be like changing your lens through which you see.

Self-esteem and self-love refer to a person’s ability to like, accept and love them self regardless of their imperfection or failings.

Here are five ways you can increase self-esteem and self-love:

  1. Build a good relationship with yourself: One way to treat yourself better is to be mindful of the way you speak to yourself. Replace critical self-talk with kind, gentle words. You are from a divine source. Recognize your value.
  2. Focus on what you can change: You can’t control everything in your life, but you can control your choices and how you show up for yourself. Walk in nature, meditate, journal, consider which goals you want to achieve, and keep the promises you make to yourself.
  3. Enjoy the journey: Celebrate your successes, however small you think they may be. Reframe your perceived failures to consider them learning experiences instead. Create the state of mind you need intentionally, to enjoy and be present in the moment.
  4. Surround yourself with support: You’ll find you feel best when you choose to be around positive, supportive people who care for you. As you practice being a better friend yourself you will engage with good, supportive people. Friendship is a gift.
  5. Heal your past traumas: Energy healing by using Emotion Code is simple to learn to do. It clears negative energy from traumatic events of the past, allowing your heart, spirit and body to heal naturally and feel their best. When past drama is gone, it is easier to feel love for yourself and for others. This method has changed many lives and could change yours, too.

Loving, liking and respecting yourself is an essential part of emotional healing. It is also an essential part of being able to feel a deep connection to others. You are your most important relationship in life. The way you treat yourself sets the foundation for how you treat others, and how you interact with the world around you.

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This is wonderful. 💗
Elisa Schmitz
I absolutely love this, Dr. Bradley Nelson . It brought tears to my eyes, as I thought of one person in particular. Many thanks for sharing this most important information and insight.
Jimmy Jenkins
And also, as Sigmund Freud said: "make sure you are not surrounded by idiots")

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