Mental Health During COVID-19 Quarantine: 6 Tips to Help Keep Mentally Fit During the Coronavirus Pandemic by Alex Bryant

4 months ago

Coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine getting to you? Amandeep Chowdhary, a leadership coach, business development consultant, meditation teacher for children and a mother, says the sooner we shift our mindset from crisis to the new normal, the faster we are able to adapt and thrive to our potential. Here are six simple ways to reconnect, recharge and re-imagine your mental state during quarantine:

  1. Have a shift in mindset – from resisting to adapting.
  2. Create some structure around your day (weekdays and weekends) and leave enough room for fluidity.
  3. Make and keep connections. Spend some time daily to connect with family and friends. Your connections will give you strength.
  4. Be grateful. Contemplate on things you are grateful for every day. It is a nutrition for your soul for emotional strength and energy.
  5. Educate yourself, be aware of important updates and safety protocols. Read and watch news headlines, but don’t over indulge.
  6. Try a new activity that channels your creativity. You may just surprise yourself.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Yes, to structure, creativity, gratitude and connections. All so important. Excellent tips here. Many thanks for sharing, Alex Bryant . I hope you're staying well. We appreciate all you share with us!
Alex Bryant
Significant indeed, @elisa. Thank you for providing a community platform where we can all learn tips from each other.
Wonderful article, thank you!
Alex Bryant
Amandeep always share practical advice, especially when we are all social distancing.
Alex Bryant
I've been using these tips Amandeep shared on a daily basis. I hope they help you too. Stay well.

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