ADHD Awareness Month: 6 Damaging Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Myths Debunked by Sophia L. Thomas, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, PPCNP-BC, FNAP, FAANP

ADHD Awareness Month: 6 Damaging Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Myths Debunked

More than six million kids between the ages of 2 and 17 have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But despite the prevalence, there are still nagging misconceptions and stigmas that make living with ADHD hard. Here are some of the most damaging myths debunked:

MYTH: ADHD is not a real medical condition.
FACT: ADHD is a recognized medical condition that can be seen in brain images and inherited from one generation to the next.

MYTH: Kids with ADHD need to try harder to pay attention.
FACT: The brains of kids with ADHD are wired differently, so it’s not a matter of effort.

MYTH: All kids with ADHD are hyper.
FACT: Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a type of ADHD that does not involve constant movement or fidgeting.

MYTH: Only boys have ADHD.
FACT: Boys are three times as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, but girls can have it, too.

MYTH: ADHD is a learning disability.
FACT: ADHD is not a learning disability, but up to 30 percent of kids with ADHD also have a learning disability.

MYTH: Most kids grow out of their ADHD.
FACT: More than half of kids diagnosed with ADHD will have it into adulthood.

It’s ADHD Awareness Month. Share these facts to help others!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Fascinating statistics about ADHD. Thanks for de-bunking the many myths surrounding this more and more common condition, Sophia L. Thomas, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, PPCNP-BC, FNAP, FAANP !
Dawn Taylor
Thank you for this. I was diagnosed as an adult. As a girl it is often overlooked and while I did well in school and college, I struggled daily to stay on task. My mind was all over the place. I was finally put on meds when I went to grad school and it changed my life.

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