Benefits of Meditation for Kids: Why Parents Should Invite Their Children to Meditate With Them by KLA Schools of Naperville

9 months ago
Benefits of Meditation for Kids: Why Parents Should Invite Their Children to Meditate With Them

Millions of people around the world enjoy meditation as a way to relax, reduce anxiety and elevate their mood. While adults are the primary participants in meditative therapies, it can also be beneficial for children. Meditation, when done properly, can help children to:

  • Improve attention. A child who is easily distracted could benefit from meditation because it helps them learn to be more focused. 
  • Reduce stress. Even children can experience stress for any number of reasons, from peers, schoolwork, separation and even problems at home.
  • Improved physical health. Having strong mindfulness through meditation may impact a child’s physical health. Meditation allows the nervous system to calm down and decreases stress.

It’s important to understand proper meditation techniques and limitations on this form of therapy, especially for younger children.

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Yes! If everyone meditated, the world would be a better place! 🙏
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Meditation is part of my wellness toolbox. Encouraging kids to mediate with you is one of the best ways to pass on this invaluable life skill. Love this tip, Selvei Rajkumar !

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