Hydration Myths: Simple Tips to Keep You Hydrated During the Summer by Susan Bowerman

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9 months ago
Hydration Myths: Simple Tips to Keep You Hydrated During the Summer

With the temperature rising all across the country, it is so important to keep the body hydrated during the summer. Let's set the record straight about three of the most common water-consumption myths:

1. Myth: Drinking water with meals interferes with digestion.

Truth: Some people like to drink liquids with their meals, others don’t. But there’s no reason to avoid drinking liquids with your food. Water will not dilute digestive juices or impair your digestion in any way. It really doesn’t matter when you take in your liquids, as long as you get what you need over the course of the day.

2. Myth: You can never drink too much water.

Truth: It is possible to drink too much water. And while it would take some effort to overdo it, excessive water intake can be dangerous because it can dilute important substances (primarily sodium) in your blood, which can lead to headache, confusion and nausea.

3. Myth: The color of your urine can determine whether you’re dehydrated.

Truth: While it’s true that urine color can be used as a method to measure hydration status (the darker it is, the more likely it is you’re dehydrated), other factors could change the color of urine as well, such as dietary supplements. Some B vitamins, for example, can make urine darker in color. In addition to color, the volume of urine should be assessed as well –the more you consume, the more you’ll need to urinate.

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