Summer Food Safety: 3 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy While Cooking & Eating Outdoors by Susan Bowerman

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9 months ago
Summer Food Safety: 3 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy While Cooking & Eating Outdoors

Summertime is the best time to enjoy eating outdoors with family and friends. However, the lovely summer months can also pose a higher threat for foodborne illness. Here are four food safety tips to be aware of this summer:

Packing Protocol

If you bring raw meat to grill at a party, make sure to pack your cooler carefully, with the meat in a tightly sealed container and separate from foods that are ready to eat.

Cook It Through

Thicker pieces of meat can cook quickly on the outside, but may still be raw or under cooked in the middle. Consider partially cooking the meat ahead of time. It'll take less time to finish on the grill and it helps ensure the meat is cooked evenly later.

Follow the 2-2-4 Rule

  • Two hours is how long foods can safely stay at room temperature after you’ve cooked them. It’s also the length of time food can safely stay out of the refrigerator or cooler before eating. Once the time limit is reached, pack up your food and place back in your cooler for safe storage.
  • To follow the 2-inch rule, be sure to store leftovers in shallow, 2-inch deep containers so they can cool down evenly and quickly. 
  • The last rule is to eat your refrigerated leftovers within four days before throwing them out.

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I had never heard of the 2-2-4 rule. Good to know!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
What a great suggestion to partially pre-cook the meat. It'll take less time that way, too. Thank you for the helpful tips!

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