Pediatric Nurse Practitioners: 3 Ways Nurse Practitioners Help Kids Live Healthier by Joyce Knestrick, CRNP, FAANP

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4 years ago

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners: 3 Ways Nurse Practitioners Help Kids Live Healthier

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Week celebrates the important role nurse practitioners (NPs) play in treating kids. NPs improve access to high-quality health care for millions, but for kids, their unique counseling-driven approach helps to address some of their most sensitive issues. Here are three ways pediatric NPs are making a difference:

  • Chronic Illness: Roughly one in three children has a chronic health condition. NPs are trained not only to diagnose, but also teach young patients and their families to manage a diagnosis more effectively.
  • Bullying: Nearly half of kids in grades 4-12 report being bullied in the last month, but only 20 percent say anything. NPs explore emotional health during regular visits and flag signs of bullying to help kids sooner.
  • Obesity: One in five kids is obese, and the effects of excess childhood weight has lifelong implications. NPs help to identify at-risk kids and provide intervention strategies before they cause chronic health issues.

NPs are trained to get to the root of health concerns. Their patient-centric approach is especially important for kids who can benefit from early intervention to help ensure better lifelong health.

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Elisa Schmitz
Nurse practitioners are the real MVPs. Thank you for sharing, Joyce Knestrick, CRNP, FAANP !

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