No Time for Well-being? Here Are 7 Ways to Put Yourself "On the Clock" for 6 Minutes by Noreen Braman

2 years ago
No Time for Well-being? Here Are 7 Ways to Put Yourself "On the Clock" for 6 Minutes

Recently, I was going through a list of common “well-being practices” with a group of attorneys, when a participant remarked that the “billable hours” model used by his law firm left no time for this, as he needs to account for time in six-minute increments. I realized that, if six minutes is valuable enough to bill for, it is important enough to spend on yourself. So, let's turn that concept on its head.

Start off by being "on the clock" for six minutes of well-being and take that time to do something. Keep track of these “billable” breaks, and when they reach 60 minutes, pay yourself with whatever capital is most meaningful to you – a treat, a gift, adding to a vacation savings fund or maybe with more time to spend on your well-being. Here are some ways to use your six minutes:

  1. Be mindful, centering yourself in the moment, where you are.
  2. Breathe meditatively. Take 10 deep breaths while looking at the sky.
  3. Stretch your body. Both sedentary and active work needs stretching to protect your muscles.
  4. Stretch your mind. Write a poem, craft something, draw or color. (Submit your poem to 30Seconds!)
  5. Do mild exercise. Walk in place for six minutes.
  6. Laugh! Search Youtube for "laughter yoga" videos.
  7. Read. Spend six minutes a day with a book you enjoy.

How would you spend your six minutes?

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I love this! Six minutes is more than enough time to meditate, stretch or even do some yoga. I'm all over it. Thank you, Noreen Braman !
This is great. 💗

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