How to Enrich Your Life: 8 Simple Ways to Energize Your Body & Soul! by Marge Jesberger

a year ago
How to Enrich Your Life: 8 Simple Ways to Energize Your Body & Soul!

Make each day special. Here are a few ideas to put some zest back into your life:

  • See your eye doctor for a checkup. Update your frames.
  • Change your normal routine. If you have cereal 364 days of the year, have an omelet or scrambled eggs today.
  • Give an anonymous donation to a needy family or non-profit.
  • Adopt a goldfish. With a little upkeep the fish will entertain you with aquatic aerobics.
  • Stop at a yard sale and rummage through old books and miscellaneous items. If the kids are selling lemonade or cookies, buy some and make their day.
  • Remember how good it felt to be read to as a child? Recapture that same feeling by listening to audiobooks. Soon you'll be caught up on all the bestsellers.

Now that you have finished everything on your list, it is time to compose another one!

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Tiffany Zook
I Can’t wait to start Becoming on audio. Heard it’s amazing! Need Natural spectrum lighting? Move to Texas !
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Great ideas, Marge Jesberger ! I recently updated the frames of my glasses and literally have a new outlook on life. It's amazing how such a small change can make a big difference!

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