Mindful Methods for Life: 12 Tips for Tapping Into Mindfulness Amid the Chaos by Julie Potiker

3 years ago
Mindful Methods for Life: 12 Tips for Tapping Into Mindfulness Amid the Chaos

We’re always looking for fast and easy ways to make our lives better. I recently told a friend that I never imagined needing to use my mindful methods 10 times a day or more, but that is where I find myself. And the silver lining of this extreme testing is that it works! If you need a quick reference to remind you which mindful methods are available to you any time, any day, let this be it. Here are 12 mindful methods for staying calm amidst chaos:

  • Practice meditating.  Download the Insight Timer app and pick a meditation to do every day. Pick one that fits into your schedule.
  • Practice mindfulness while brushing your teeth.
  • Practice letting music help you be in the moment. Make a playlist of songs that move you.
  • Practice calling yourself “sweetheart”or another term of endearment.
  • Begin a gratitude practice by either writing down a few things you are grateful for each day, or writing down what you enjoyed each day, or writing a gratitude letter to someone each day. Let the feeling of gratitude fill you up.

Pick a favorite mindfulness meditation technique and do it. Even if you only learn two – the Loving Kindness Meditation and the Sending-Receiving Meditation – those alone can change your life.

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Donna John
Love all these ideas, Julie Potiker ! I am trying to incorporate meditation into my daily life. Thanks for sharing!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Brilliant, Julie Potiker . Yoga, meditation and walking have had such a positive impact on my health and outlook. Thank you for this! Donna John , you will not regret your decision to meditate every day. It makes a world of difference!
Sheri B Doyle
These ideas are great. I love the idea of referring to ourselves with an endearing term. It would change so much to be kind to ourselves. I am a HUGE believer in meditation as well. Thank you for the ideas on different types of meditations.
I recently downloaded the Insight Timer app based on your recommendation, Julie Potiker . I’m loving it so far, thank you! Donna John Sheri B Doyle Stephanie Cannoe
Need these now more than ever. 🙏

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