Connecting With Yourself Through Nature Is So Easy & So Worth It! by Susan Carroll

2 months ago
Connecting With Yourself Through Nature Is So Easy & So Worth It!

Human beings and Mother Nature are intimately intertwined. You are nature in human form. When I ask someone what getting out in the natural world does for them, I hear:

  • “It brings me peace, clarity, expands my heart, connects me to the world.”
  • “It fills me with fresh ideas and fresh perspective.”
  • “It’s my home.”
  • “It recalibrates my sense of well-being and rightness in the world.”
  • “It gives me calmness, grounding.” 
  • “It inspires me, renews me.” 
  • “Nature is my spirituality.” 

This is what Mother Nature does for us. She is always there to help bring us back to ourselves. If you weren’t nature, do you really think you’d feel like this when you were in it? 

Take some time to go outside and be in and with nature. This could be at a local park or in your backyard, and begin with a very doable 10 minutes. Start with your eyes closed:

  • Notice the sounds both near to you and off in the distance.
  • What do you notice physically?
  • What scents do you notice floating through the air?
  • Open your eyes and look at what’s right in front of you, 100 feet away, 500 feet away.

Let nature bring you back into connection with yourself. 

Let it bring you home.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
What a beautiful perspective, Susan Carroll ! I do feel at home and at peace in nature. It is the best way to clear my head and recalibrate. Thank you for this important reminder!
Sheri B Doyle
@susancarroll This is so true. I always feel better when I take the time to be outside. In fact a lot of times when I owned my business and had stressful calls to deal with I instinctually walked outside to handle them. I think it really helped me to maintain perspective and keep calm and centered.
Susan Carroll
Hi Sheri! It is true. I really do think the natural world is the best place to bring us back to ourselves. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy that now.
Cynthia Miller
THIS IS GREAT!! THANK YOU!! I run with my Lab alongside a creek as often as I can .... and it utterly restores me. I can't even explain what it does. I love your offering on ways to really experience nature when you're there.
Susan Carroll
Cynthia- That's the awesomeness of nature. We really can't explain what it does does and how. Running with your lab sounds super fun.

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