Too Tired to Exercise? Try These 7 Research-Backed Tricks to Get Moving! by Susan Masterson, PhD

2 years ago
Too Tired to Exercise? Try These 7 Research-Backed Tricks to Get Moving!

So many of us don't exercise because of fatigue. There's good news! Here are some tips to help get you moving:

  • University of Georgia study found that engaging in regular, low-intensity exercises reduced fatigue by 65 percent, and moderate intensity reduced it by 49 percent. So you don’t have to knock yourself out, especially if you’re tired. 
  • According to Doctors Strive to Thrive, if you're tired, identify a short distance at first, and add a bit each day. Regular walkers, make an agreement with yourself to do an short route, less time on the treadmill or use an incline and go slowly. As you get moving you may find your energy and motivation increase. 
  • In a study at the University of Waterloo, subjects participating in yoga had a greater increase in energy levels and brain function when compared to meditation alone and quiet reading. 
  • The most important thing that will make or break us when we're tired is what we tell ourselves. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you are right."

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