Fitness Gives You More Than You Think: Here Are 6 Surprising Benefits of Exercise! by Cindy Thomas

5 years ago

Fitness Gives You More Than You Think: Here Are 6 Surprising Benefits of Exercise!

For many people exercise can seem pointless. It is hard, takes up time and you have to wait to see results. In the past, it was definitely the last thing I wanted to do! Here are a few great things I have found in fitness: 

  • You earn results. I had to figure this out the hard way. You have to work hard for results and you have to keep chasing your goals!
  • It’s OK to fail. I've always been afraid of failure. There were many times in my life where I gave up rather than persisting. Weightlifting has taught me that with trial and error, you can only get better.
  • You become not only strong physically but mentally. You do not just push through mental barriers; you break them down!
  • You get to know yourself and learn to love yourself. Once you learn to respect yourself, others will respect you, too!
  • Strong is beautiful. For a long time, I have had a distorted image in my head of what I thought beauty was supposed to look like. I have found that beauty comes in many forms. Women with strong curves are empowering!
  • You will find some of your best friends through fitness! I am so thankful for all who have pushed me, inspired me and helped me. I love my fitness tribe!

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Strong is definitely beautiful
Cindy, all of this is so true! Thank you for sharing! ❤️❤️❤️

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