Positive Living: Here Are 6 Things You Need to Give Up to Live a More Positive Life! by Stephanie Hernandez

3 months ago
Positive Living: Here Are 6 Things You Need to Give Up to Live a More Positive Life!

To live a more positive life, we have to give up some things. Here are six:

  • Hating Others' Success: There’s no reason to hate on other people for their achievements. Most of the time, that person has worked incredibly hard to get to where they are, and were once in your shoes, too.
  • Comparing Yourself to Others: Hating on others is just another way of comparing your “failures” to their accomplishments. Comparison is the thief of joy, and it’s only affecting you.
  • Negative Friendships: You don’t need to stay friends with people you don’t like. If you feel that someone in your life is negative, then you need to cut them out.
  • Expecting Immediate Results: I think we have just been programmed to receive instant gratification. However, this is one of the fastest ways to feeling disappointed and discouraged. Nothing that is worth it comes easy.
  • Judging Others: Instead of judging others, why not take these times to observe their positive traits? No one is perfect. Would you like others to judge you the way you judge so negatively?
  • Bad Body Image: Why do we only see the negative, when the positives will always outweigh this? You wouldn’t speak so negatively about others, so why is your body any different?

What have you given up to live a more positive life?

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Donna John
Great tips, Stephanie Hernandez ! Welcome to the tribe!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Ooooh, this is just so good, Stephanie Hernandez . You are spot on. Welcome to 30Seconds. Looking forward to reading more from you!
Jessica Acree
Speaking my language right out of the gate! Great tips... and welcome to the best group around <3

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