Prenatal Yoga: This “Rock the Baby" Yoga Breathing Technique Calms Mom-to-Be & Baby by Nicole DeAvilla

5 years ago

Prenatal Yoga: This “Rock the Baby" Yoga Breathing Technique Calms Mom-to-Be & Baby

Anytime you need to center yourself, calm your emotions or spend relaxed time with your unborn baby, this is the foundational, go-to breath every pregnant woman should learn. Enjoy this breath and time with your baby whenever you want to feel more peaceful and connected. Here's how:

  1. Sit upright, tall and relaxed. If you need pillows for support make sure that your spine is as upright as possible, relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Place your hands on your belly. Be aware that your baby is right there beneath your hands.
  3. As you inhale feel your belly moving forward as though rocking your baby forward.
  4. As you exhale feel your belly move back inward as though rocking your baby back toward your center.
  5. Continue inhaling and exhaling, rocking your baby with the motion of your breath
  6. Repeat 12 times or as long as you find it enjoyable.

Here are some more tips for this prenatal yoga breathing technique:

  • Even if you feel like your belly can’t go any further forward, relax and it will!
  • Too tired to sit upright? You can still practice “Rock the Baby” in any position. You do not have to have your hands on your belly.
  • Breathe through your nose unless it is too congested to do so.

The more you practice the more relaxing and centered you will become. 

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Elisa Schmitz
I love this, Nicole DeAvilla ! I think it's great whether pregnant or not. Thank you!

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