Don't Be Afraid of Dumbbells: Hand Weights Are a Smart Way to Exercise by Dawn Taylor

a year ago
Don't Be Afraid of Dumbbells: Hand Weights Are a Smart Way to Exercise

Often, I see a look of dread with my female clients when I steer them away from machines at the gym and bring them to dumbbell racks. "Not sure I want to do weights." "I don't want to bulk up." These are two things they say as they eye the area with discomfort. Weights, mirrors, oh my.

I explain machines are fine to isolate one muscle group at a time, but dumbbells put YOU in control of the weight and you can work multiple muscle groups with compound exercises. That means less time at the gym. That usually peaks their interest. And unless you are training to be the next Mrs. Olympia and plan to train constantly and eat with that goal in mind, you are not going to bulk up.

Dumbbells are going to help strengthen and tone your muscles. An added bonus is the extra calorie burn that occurs for up to 72 hours AFTER you strength train. Most new clients are simply intimidated by dumbbells. The appeal of shorter, effective workouts, however, draws them in and once I teach clients how to use dumbbells , the fear dissipates. Dumbbells, they realize, aren't dumb at all.

Soon they are looking in the mirror as they eye their form and those awesome results (and maybe the cute guy pumping iron next to them).

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I love my cute dumbbells! Now I need to just use them more regularly. Thanks for the tip, Dawn Taylor !
Meredith Schneider
Great tip Dawn Taylor! I love my results after adding dumbbells. GO GO GO! :-)
Dawn Taylor
Strength training is so effective and I love sharing it with my clients, so many benefits beyond the aesthetics.
Susan Masterson, PhD
Thanks for the reminder about this! I just shared this on my Facebook page for!

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