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Spring Into Health & Fitness With Johnson Fitness & Wellness!

Are you ready to spring into fitness and reach your fitness goals? We were thrilled to welcome our sponsor Johnson Fitness & Wellness as our #30Seconds Twitter chat guest! Johnson Fitness & Wellness shared tips to help us get in shape, information on the best gear we can use to help us reach our goals, and told us about the equipment showcased in their showrooms and what it can do to jumpstart and maintain your fitness goals!

Johnson Fitness & Wellness offers retail showrooms across the country. Each location is staffed by certified fitness advocates dedicated to inspiring personal well-being. No matter how small or large, Johnson Fitness & Wellness will help you reach your health goals with quality fitness equipment and the very best guided wellness experience. In addition to providing the most advanced fitness equipment, Johnson Fitness & Wellness also offers blogs focused on fitness and wellness and personal training! Read on to learn more about Johnson Fitness & Wellness and how to spring into fitness!

Q: We are so excited to learn more about Johnson Fitness! Please give us some background on the company and where we can find some of your retail stores!

Johnson Fitness & Wellness has passionate Certified Fitness Consultants to offer guided experiences at our showrooms! We'll personalize your exercise routine and your diet and nutrition plan while providing premium equipment ideal for your health goals! We have 100 stores across the U.S. See if you have a Johnson Fitness & Wellness near you. We also have an e-commerce website.

Q: What types of equipment does Johnson Fitness sell, and can you tell us some of the different items to consider when putting together a home gym?

Sure! We have a variety of fitness equipment that would be great for your home gym! Depending on what your goals are we have equipment that can help! If you are looking for fitness equipment to help with your cardiovascular health, we have treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes.

If you are looking to tone and build muscle, we have strength equipment such as dumbbells, weights, power racks, home gyms, benches and more! If you would like to work on your flexibility and recovery we have yoga and Pilates accessories. We also have other fitness accessories like stability balls, resistance bands, jump ropes, ab wheels and more!

Q: Why work out at home versus join a gym? What are some practical and budgetary issues to consider?

  • Working out at home saves time! You don't have to take time driving to the gym or wait for your favorite machine. After your workout, you can just jump into your own shower afterwards! No worries about forgetting your soap!
  • Save money! Most gyms not only require a monthly membership fee, but also extra charges for classes and personal trainers. If you add some multi-purpose equipment and even a cardio piece, the initial cost will be less expensive over time than a membership!
  • Fewer germs! Commercial gyms are full of them! In your home gym, you at least know who has used the equipment and can control how clean it is. Not to gross you out too much, but some people sweat A LOT!
  • Do what you want. Wear your ratty, old T-shirt. Jam out to your favorite tunes! Try out a new exercise – no one is watching!

Q: So many of us are really motivated to lose weight and get in shape now that spring is here. What are some tips to "spring into fitness?"

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise regimen. If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises, stop and consult your health care provider. If you are not used to exercising at all, start by getting outside each day and going for a walk. The goal is not to jump into something that is going to burn you out too quickly or make you too sore to continue. If you want to get your body ready for the beach, check out this eight-week program put together from one of our personal trainers, Joli!

Remember, doing more and better than what you have been will give you results! Move more and make healthier eating habits! Make your goals attainable! Choose one change per week!

Q: For those looking to lose weight, what equipment is best?

This question is hard to answer because it all depends on your personal preferences and abilities. If you are looking for fast and efficient results, try the Sprint 8 programming on any Matrix Fitness equipment. It blasts up to 27 percent of your body fat away in just eight weeks. You can accomplish this goal in exercising for 20 minutes a day for three days a week.

If you have knee or joint pain, try equipment that is low impact such as an elliptical. Get in easy effort workouts with low resistance for longer sessions to build endurance and high-intensity interval workouts to increase fitness and stamina.

Did you know? Even at rest, muscle burns more energy than fat. Keep building muscle and your body will burn a higher number of calories. So, pick up those weights and tone up!

Q: For those who are looking to get stronger, what equipment is best?

You can get stronger on nearly any piece of equipment. For example, you can build muscle and strength on the treadmill by incorporating incline and speed.

Increase the resistance on ellipticals and exercise bikes to really challenge yourself.

Add a functional trainer to your home gym to have various exercises in one machine. This allows you to add weight and exercise in a controlled motion.

Q: Sometimes, parents feel guilty for taking time for their workouts. How can we make fitness a family affair so we lose the guilt over taking care of ourselves?

Dance! Put on your favorite music and dance like nobody's watching. Get the sillies out!

Q: How can we learn more about Johnson Fitness and find a store near us? If there is no store nearby, how can I shop online?

Find a store near you or shop online. Be sure to follow @Johnson_Fitness!

Meredith Schneider
Love learning about new fitness tips! Excited for next weeks #30Seconds chat! :-)
Julie Rose
Excited for this.
Johnson Fitness & Wellness has tons of tips and info! This is going to be a great chat!
Nicole DeAvilla
I really like the advice Johnson Fitness & Wellness has been giving in their tips here on 30 Seconds. I look forward to learning more from them tonight!
Yes! I have really enjoyed all of their tips!
Elisa Schmitz
Great information and inspiration shared by the pros Johnson Fitness & Wellness !

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