Healing From Disease: 4 Things That Make Healing Happen That We Can All Do by Avital Miller

Healing From Disease: 4 Things That Make Healing Happen That We Can All Do

Do you want to live a healthy and happy life? As a 27-year-old yoga and fitness expert that possibility was threatened for me until I looked into alternative health solutions. Upon meeting people who were told they would die in a few weeks yet lived years later, I started interviewing them for my book, “Healing Happens.” I discovered the actions that had the most impact are things we all can do:

  • Reason to Live: Whether it is watching your grandkids grow up, your child walk down the aisle or finishing a soap opera series, focusing on your reason to move forward and be happy creates a stronger force than a disease.
  • Don't Listen to Everything: With finding 200 stories of people healing beyond what the doctor's expected, you don't always have to believe your doctor's prognosis.
  • Do What You Can Do: One simple act for your health that you love can affect how your whole body operates. For example, if you can't change your diet, meditate; the calmness it brings will shift the types of food you crave to match that state of inner peace.
  • Ask, What Is the Gift? Often, disease becomes a signal to make a positive change like nourishing yourself, changing jobs and improving relationships.

Learn more at HealingHappensBook.com.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Wonderful tips, Avital Miller ! Congratulations on your book. I can't wait to read it!
Avital Miller
Thank you Elisa! I also can't wait for you to read it!
Nicole DeAvilla
Congratulations on your brand new bestselling book Avital Miller ! Thanks for including me. :) xo
Avital Miller
Thank you for being a part of it Nicole DeAvilla
Renee Herren
I love this! These are practical and achievable tips that anyone can take on!
Avital Miller
Glad you like it @ReneeHerren.

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