Feeling Emotional After the Florida Shooting? Here's Something to Do on the 14th of Every Month That May Help by Donna Mansell

a year ago
Feeling Emotional After the Florida Shooting? Here's Something to Do on the 14th of Every Month That May Help

Like most of you, I responded to the school shooting on February 14 in Parkland, Fla., with sadness and fear. Anxious to do something, I looked around and noticed. I noticed a lot. So, I propose this: On the 14th of each month we all take a few minutes to look around us. To notice.

  • How would I get out of this particular place in an active shooter situation (or fire)?
  • Where would I hide if necessary?
  • What could I use to defend myself?
  • Are my belongings secure enough not to hurt anyone in an earthquake?
  • Where will my family meet in an emergency?
  • Do I have emergency supplies?
  • Are my contacts up to date?
  • Have I told loved ones that I love them enough lately?
  • Have I made contact with anyone who might need some love?
  • Are there people in my community in need, and how can I help?

I'd also add, and this is important: notice the good. Notice the good things in your life. Notice the love, the kindness, the unexpected happy truths. Notice the good as much as the preparedness needed to receive it. There are many more things you could add to this list. Decide what you need to notice more regularly. Then take a few minutes to do so, and to act on what you notice. 

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
I love this, Donna Mansell ! Thank you for sharing it with us. And welcome to our community of writers!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Brilliant, Donna Mansell . You are so right. We go through life oblivious, at times, and we need to pay more attention - attention to our surroundings, and yes, to the good. It's easy to get swept away by what's bad. Thank you for this wonderful tip. Welcome to our tribe, we are looking forward to more from you!
Donna Mansell
Thank you for the warm welcome! Noticing has been a HUGE thread throughout this whole week on all fronts for me. Time for me to wake up!

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