Adulting Doesn't Mean Losing Your Joy: Why & How to Say Yes to Creating More Joy in Your Life! by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

2 years ago
Adulting Doesn't Mean Losing Your Joy: Why & How to Say Yes to Creating More Joy in Your Life!

As adults, we’re told to sacrifice, do what’s right, give up what’s fun – all in the name of responsibility. “Adulting” posts were everywhere in 2017. Adulting seems to mean boring, hard, dreadful. Growing up shouldn’t mean losing our joy. Do we really want children growing up thinking that being an adult means not having fun anymore? What’s the point of all the hurrying, responsibility and busy-ness if we’re lacking joy? I’m declaring 2018 as “The Year of Joy!” If there’s a moment I can choose something joyful, I’m doing it!

I’ll take the longer walk near the water, I’ll leave the house early to sing my entire playlist at the top of my lungs in the car, I’ll smile at a stranger, or, better, strike up a conversation! Let’s change the adulting mantra from “Life Is Hard” to “Life Is Joyful.” Let’s find ways every day to say yes to joy instead of excuses why there’s no time for it in our lives.

Choosing and experiencing joy adds more joy to the world. We can literally affect the world with our joy. Next time you’re feeling selfish for wanting to make a joyful choice, remember – you’re making the world more joyful, too. That’s certainly something to be joyful about! 

Here's to a joyful 2018! 

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Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Oh, how I love this, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt ! What a perfect perspective to take into 2018. Thanks for sharing it with us. Welcome to the tribe!
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
So thrilled to be a part of this Tribe! Definitely feels like I’ve found my people here! Thank you for inviting me here!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
You're very welcome. We're lucky to have you. And these (we) are definitely your people. :)
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
YES! I absolutely love this, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt ! What a wonderful, joyful first post. Exactly what we all need to hear right now. Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe. So excited to learn and grow with you. Happy New Year, chica! :-)
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Thrilled to be here! And looking forward to making myself at home here and learning from all of YOU! What a BRILLIANT site!
Mike Prochaska
Love this!!! Play matters for adults too
Mike Prochaska
Can’t say how much love This with word! #bemoreawesome #playmatters
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
RIGHT?!?! Hashtag YES! #Bemoreawesome
Marianne Clyde
It's a very welcoming group and you are indeed welcome ;-)
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Thank you! I feel so lucky to be here now! ❤️
Mike Prochaska
Love this tip!! This tip can bet my slide tip!! #playmatters
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Go, Little Tip, go!! (Your slide tip is AMAZEBALLS!)
Stacey Roberts
I’m vehemently protective of my kids, so it doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, world renowned doctor or any adult who takes advantage of their powerlessness, you mess with one of my cubs you better be prepared to have me crawl up one side of you and down the other. I’m also the one who does occasional sweeps of rooms, pulling out nightstand drawers, looking under beds, in the far depths of closets to find my kids give no credence when it comes to being told food is not allowed in their rooms and all the other things kids are asked/required to do they give no credence to as well. Even though I laugh and do have fun occasionally, I’m the Badass parent. I realized this a couple months ago an have been trying to change, but change IS hard. Especially this kind of change.
I spare you the logistics, but a wk ago fri my husband and 14 yr old son left to go bk to school and I’ve stayed behind to help our 18 yr old daughter fully recover from bk surgery she had last sept. As they were getting everything together to leave I sat my son down and explained why I was frustrated and yelled at him because I’d asked him repeatedly to do all the things I should’ve had to tell him to do in the first place. I think he finally understood his expectations of my were unrealistic, we’ll see! So on new yrs day I had to put the garage out to be picked up the next morning. The cans were full so I needed to use the Ranger as back up. It was in the bkyard covered with snow, regardless that it was 2 degrees I had to sweep it off and get it started. Donning rancher style gear, I got it started and as I was heading around to the front of the house I saw the circles in the snow where my son had been spinning cookies. It occurred to me that I knew how to spin cookies better than any snot-nosed brat out there and saw it as the catalyst to break out of Mrs. Badass into “mom is kind of fun”. So I spun 3 cookies and did it feel good! I even videoed it. Then last night I got out of my fuzzy pants at 8:45 to take my daughter to the grocery store because we didn’t have anything to eat (as does no house). Even though I cut out the junk food we had a really good time cruising the aisles looking for stuff to eat. After we got home she gave me a really heartfelt thank you. I’d FaceTime with my son a couple hrs before and he excitedly told me he was doing really good in school and getting his work done on time. Yes, his teachers also have to tell him more than once! So hopefully things have changed direction, but I’m reserving the right to go badass on someone if needs be!
This is a side note, but the whole computer gaming thing makes me crazy and know this is the underlying reason for my son’s behavior. I’ve more than once approached friend’s moms to ask we collaborate a break from them because they’re all having the same problems with their kids. Grrr!
Stacey Roberts
I also had to promise my daughter that if her boyfriend hurt her feelings she could tell me and I wouldn't go beat the hell out of him.
Martha Garcia-Wegener
Joy is my word for 2018! I love the perspective of not feeling guilty to experience joy since we're doing the world a favor! I'm searching for my joy in 2018!
Bill James
No idea if Science backs up my hunch, but I have a sneaking suspicion that those that live by this mantra, live a little longer as a result... :-)
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
I hope you’re right! And even if it doesn’t add to quantity, it surely improves quality! ❤️
Gwen Johnson
Adulting! I am still learning how to do that myself. Wishing everyone a joyful 2018!
Angie Saldana
I said the same thing this year. Even though it gets hard to do, I do feel better for at least trying to keep up my joy!
Terri Jones
Totally agree! I choose silly over serious any day! I've always loved the Picasso quote: "Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up."
Erin Musto
Simple and joyful... I am working on it.
Noreen Braman
This is still great advice as we enter 2019! My motto is "Don't go gently, go laughing!"
I used to have fear of growing up, I wanted to stay young and beautiful (like Lana sings) forever. But then I understood that age doesn't really matter if you are young in your soul and spirit.

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