Emotional Eating: 5 Ways to Soothe Frayed Emotions Without Food by Dr. Sarah Allen

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2 years ago
Emotional Eating: 5 Ways to Soothe Frayed Emotions Without Food

Hands up anyone who has reached for chocolate when you are feeling upset. When I say chocolate I mean the whole family-sized bar not a Hershey's Kiss! Doing this occasionally is fine but when it becomes a regular thing or when you can’t stop eating until you feel so uncomfortably full, we need to find better ways of self-soothing. One way of doing this is to use your five senses: 

  • Vision: Go outside and look at the nature all around you. If you don’t want to go out, light a candle and watch the flame dance or look at a book with gorgeous images. 
  • Hearing: Listening to music is a wonderful way to self-soothe. Be mindful, letting the sounds come and go. 
  • Smell: We all know that certain smells take us back to specific memories. Be aware of what smells bring you comfort without hunger or cravings. 
  • Taste: You don’t have to stay away from food entirely. Take small bites, eat it slowly, savoring each bite. 
  • Touch: Stroke a pet or cuddle someone. Put on clothes that feel soft or silky.

Which of these do you find the most soothing? Prepare for the next time you feel the need to eat emotionally. Get more tips about emotional eating

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
So many people struggle with this (especially at this time of year). Thank you for the great insights, Dr. Sarah Allen !
Meredith Schneider
Dr. Sarah Allen, I so can relate! Identifying my triggers has helped me curb my emotional eating temptations. And creating healthier habits makes a big difference for me emotionally and of course keep a smaller waistline that’s kept off the 50 lbs I lost 😊💪
Dr. Sarah Allen
Sounds like you have identified your triggers Meredith but for anyone who hasn’t yet I have a free booklet on Emotional Eating that inc a questionnaire to help people to identify their own triggers drsarahallen.com/weight-eating...
Dawn Taylor
As a anorexia survivor i still struggle to not let food control my every thought so for me a healthy exercise regimen helps me accept food into my body and I don’t over indulge or withhold calories as a result: Balance is the key for me.
Kathy Ast-Kutzbach
These are great ideas. I hope to call on my 5 senses the next time I feel the need to gorge myself for comfort.

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