Family Meal Prepping: 3 Tips to Help You Live Healthier & Happier! by Susan Bowerman

3 years ago
Family Meal Prepping: 3 Tips to Help You Live Healthier & Happier!

Did you know that according to data, families spent $3,000 a year on prepared meals. With so many families on the go, turning to fast foods or frozen meals may be convenient, but these foods tend to be high in calories and lack proper nutrition. Following are four tips to encourage families to prepare more meals at home to help the whole family adopt better habits for a healthier and happier life.

  • Prepare and eat more meals together. As parents, you have the opportunity to change your family’s poor nutritional habits by setting a good example. Cooking at home and eating together helps kids develop an appreciation for healthy foods.
  • Cooking is creative. Encourage your kids to be creative in the kitchen with simple basic recipes. Allow kids to experiment by adding different fruits, vegetables, spices or extracts.
  • Cultivate an open mind. Most kids will eat what they’ve prepared, but even if they decide they don’t like it, the cooking experience alone will help them to cultivate an open mind when it comes to trying new foods.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Cooking with my kids is one of my favorite things. Thank you for the great tips, Susan Bowerman !

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