What Does a Natural Food Chef & Holistic Wellness Counselor Eat? Here's Mia Stern's Typical Day by Mia Stern

3 years ago

What Does a Natural Food Chef & Holistic Wellness Counselor Eat? Here's Mia Stern's Typical Day

As a Holistic Wellness Counselor, cancer survivor, natural food chef, and founder, recipe developer and food blogger at Organically Thin, I'm always asked the same question, "What do you eat in a day?" I love to share what I've discovered in my journey to being cancer free and healthy. At Brooklyn Culinary Academy, I teach my recipes to the masses and spread my message of self-love and healthy eats. Here's my typical day:

Upon waking I will have a warm mug of water with a splash of apple cider vinegar and a scoop of my own mix of metabolic spices to get my digestive engine going. I like to add cayenne, turmeric and black pepper. Then I will have a cup of organic coffee with a little coconut oil or cashew milk.

I usually wait an hour or so, listening to my body. If I feel hungry I will make either a vegetable omelette or a green smoothie with kale, pineapple, coconut water, cilantro, hemp seeds and spirulina. This is a fabulous way for me to know that I am getting my greens, my cancer-fighting sulfur compounds, detoxing elements of cilantro and healthy clean-plant protein in the hemp seeds. Hemp is also packed with omega-3s, which are great for youthful skin!

In between meals, I will enjoy many cups of tea. Either peppermint tea or dandelion tea, which is very supportive of the liver and will help with detoxing.

For lunch, often I will go out and have a huge organic salad with either organic hard-boiled eggs or wild salmon. I will ask for dressing on the side, or oil and vinegar on the side. Great additions to any salad would also be, steamed beets, berries, seaweed, a few nuts are OK as long as they have not been sugar coated.

More tea!

Dinner will be light and a repeat of lunch is perfectly suitable. Oftentimes I will make a vegan soup like butternut squash and lentil, or broccoli zucchini basil soup, either served with a few tablespoons of pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds or organic poached chicken or fish.

Before bed, I will drink a glass of water with chlorophyll. This helps my body to stay hydrated overnight and helps to clean out any heavy metals or toxins, and makes my skin look vibrant when I wake.

Read more about Mia Russo Stern's incredible journey.

What do YOU eat in a typical day? Tell us below.

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Elisa Schmitz
Awesome tips, Mia Stern ! What a fascinating journey. I sure hope you will share more of your insights with us and join our tribe!
Mia Stern
Thank you so much! I am always happy to share!
Meredith Schneider
Mmmmm! Love this! Mia Stern Where does on get chlorophyll?
Nicole DeAvilla
I would love to know too!
Mia Stern
I like Dr Jensen's Brand (flavorless) available at vitacost.com or amazon.com , I also like Natures Way brand available at any health food store in the vitamin section. I buy it in liquid form and add about 1 tablespoon to a large glass of water :)
Nicole DeAvilla
I love morning routines! They start the day out the right way. I will have to try the dandelion tea and the chlorophyl. Thanks Mia Stern .
Mia Stern
You are so welcome!! Hope you are having an amazing day!

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