Yoga Can Motivate You to Exercise More & Eat Healthier! Read This! by Nicole DeAvilla

2 years ago
Yoga Can Motivate You to Exercise More & Eat Healthier! Read This!

National Health Interview Survey compared the health benefits of yoga to the health benefits of spinal manipulation and natural products. Yoga users reported the most positive health benefits. Nearly two-thirds of the individuals surveyed reported that practicing yoga increased motivation to exercise more regularly. Four in 10 participants reported that they were also motivated to eat healthier.

And there's more! More than 80 percent of the participants reported that yoga practice reduced stress. The most popular reason cited for practicing yoga was a “focus on the whole person – mind, body and spirit.” Yoga can be easy to practice. Try these simple yoga videos to get started now!

Take a Yoga Walk: Fuse Walking, Yoga & the Outdoors & Reap Mega Health Benefits!

Can You Get Your Aerobic Exercise From Yoga? It Depends...

Meredith Schneider
So agree Yoga helps reduce stress!
Nicole DeAvilla
I find it so interesting that yoga helps with a healthy lifestyle beyond what you would think!

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