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5 years ago
Personal Trainer Tips: 6 Fitness Secrets From Celebrity Trainer Reggie Chambers!

Reggie Chambers is a celebrity progressive, private training and fitness specialist in New York City. Certified in prenatal and post-natal training, boxing, kickboxing, and by NASM (including strength training and weight loss), Reggie is best known for his unique approach to every client, specifying each workout to their goals and expectations, body type, strengths and weaknesses and more. From unconventional cardio “machine” workouts to his favorite trick to scoring abs, here are a few insightful exercises and words of wisdom from Reggie!

Q. How many hours should someone workout to get and stay fit?

“Forty-five minutes per day is optimal, but I always tell my clients to do what they can!”

Q. Favorite cardio machine?

No machine necessary: jump rope. “It's one of the most effective cardio ‘machine’ one can use. First of all, it could be done almost anywhere it's small and portable! Twenty minutes of jump rope equals 45 minutes! Once you become good it, you and a variety of jumps to make more effective and not boring.” 

Q. Favorite exercise for abs?

“One of my favorite abs exercises is called V-ups! Start from a laying down position with hands above the head and legs straight out. Then bring both arms and legs together creating a V shape. (The torso must come off the ground with bringing the arms up.) It's one of my favorites because it hits the lower and upper abs together and if done properly it will increase the heart rate, giving it a cardio effect as well.”

Q. Favorite overall workout?

“Push-ups! I even drop down and do them in between appointments or any spare moment that presents itself. It’s a great all-around upper-body workout that keeps you fit. They improve muscular endurance and create lean muscle mass that helps raise your metabolism!”

Q. What's your favorite thing to do to stay healthy?

“Play basketball. It's excellent for my stress and mental health.” 

Q. What advice do you always give to your clients?

“Stay off the scale. If your clothes fit comfortably and you are feeling good, it doesn't matter what the numbers are. It's just not the best measure of weight loss. You may have lost inches and gained more muscle – you have to remember that muscle weighs more than fat.”

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Meredith Schneider
Love his tips! GO GO GO #30Seconds tribe! :)
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Great advice here! Thanks, Donna John (and Reggie)!

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