Weight Loss: Do You Graze All Day to Rev Up Your Metabolism? Read This! by Michele Gelman

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6 years ago

Weight Loss: Do You Graze All Day to Rev Up Your Metabolism? Read This!

As a general rule, I discourage snacking during my programs. Why? Isn’t grazing all day long the way to do the following? 

  • Keep your metabolism revving
  • Keep your blood sugar even 
  • Avoid hunger pains

Snacking, even on non-sugary foods, gives the body a constant supply of blood sugar so it does not need to switch into fat-burning mode. Burning fat is detoxifying and slimming. By burning fat we eliminate toxins and prevent them from accumulating. Fat is a slow fuel that gives sustained energy. Many of us have lost the ability to burn fat effectively from grazing all the time.

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue or you're an athlete, you may need to snack. Click here for some snack ideas (featuring avocado!) that will satiate your hunger without triggering an insulin response!

Learn more at MicheleGelmanWellness.com.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so interesting, Michele Gelman ! I didn't realize this. Time to change some eating habits, LOL, thanks!
Michele Gelman
Not snacking can be key for weight loss and it also gives your digestion a break, helping your body get into healing and detoxifying mode.
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
What? I have been having a very hard time losing weight. I have been having a mid morning and mid afternoon snack forever. I do low or now sugar low or no carb snacks? I am on a restrictive diet due to food intolerances. Still no weight loss. Please help!
Tiffany Exiga
Try sipping on lemon water & ginger tea before meals. Also Detox Tea at night
Michele Gelman
You could have problems with your liver, thyroid, adrenals or all three. If it is your liver then high fat snacks may not help you either. It may take a lot of digging to figure out the problem. Try not snacking in the short term to see if it helps. Are you off dairy, gluten and grains? Do you take probiotics?
Vita Haus Supplements
Here are some science-backed tips to help you lose weight that include healthy eating, choosing carbs carefully, and that aim to: reduce your appetite.

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