Morning Anxiety: 3 Simple Strategies to Help Stress Flow Out of Your Body! by Rhonda Liebig

6 years ago

Morning Anxiety: 3 Simple Strategies to Help Stress Flow Out of Your Body!

Do you wake up in the morning and feel all-consumed with anxiousness? This is a sign that your energy flow may be stuck in your kidney meridian. Here are three proven strategies to help from my “Energy 3P Approach.” Do all three steps in order for best results. You may notice the simplicity of the steps, but don’t let it fool you. Step in and add the mindset strategy with it, too.

  • Take Three Breaths: Take three breaths to wake up and open the body. Your strategy is to breath in a space of a calm flow. Inhales are full as your body receives the fresh oxygen. Even your toes will feel that fresh in-flow of air. Then use your exhale to pull out the stressed and stagnate energy. Imagine that you are physically grabbing them with your hands and releasing through the lungs.
  • Stand Up and Reach for Your Toes: Reaching for your toes physically opens up the energy in the kidney meridian flow and introduces vitality to your day. This stretch introduces a wake-up to the kidney meridian flow, thus bringing vitality to the day. Do this stretch until you feel the release of stress flow out through your fingers.
  • Drink 8 Ounces of Room-temperature Water: Drink 8 ounces of room-temp water to support the final flush of anxiety out of the body. 

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Nicole DeAvilla
Rhonda Liebig Interesting and practical. I realize that I do all three of those things in the morning, fairly soon after I get up. It really does help!
Elisa Schmitz
Need these tips, thank you! Excited to learn and grow with you, Rhonda Liebig ! 😀
Erica Hornthal
This is great. Never underestimate the use of the body to jumpstart your morning.
Shannon Richardson
Rhonda Liebig , My energy (everywhere) has been blocked for a while, and getting out of bed most days has been HARD. Thank you for this simple, hands on method to try. I'm already looking forward to trying this tomorrow morning! :-)

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