Seasonal Allergies: 5 Natural Ways to Deal With Those Allergy Symptoms! by Sherry Torkos

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6 months ago
Seasonal Allergies: 5 Natural Ways to Deal With Those Allergy Symptoms!

Considering all the side effects associated with the allergy medications, it is not surprising that natural methods for dealing with seasonal allergies have become very popular. Here are some natural solutions to combat common allergy symptoms:

  • For congestion: Nasal irrigation with a Neti pot or nasal wash can help clear pollen and mucus from your nasal passages, relieve congestion and improve breathing. Add a few drops of essential oil, such as eucalyptus, to the nasal wash to enhance the effects.
  • For sneezing and runny nose: Try Allergy Relief by A. Vogel. This natural remedy helps treat the underlying cause of allergies as well as relieve symptoms of sneezing, itchy nose and scratchy throat. It does not cause drowsiness or rebound congestion. Allergy Relief is available in tablets, drops and spray, and is safe to use in children 2 years and older.
  • For red eyes: Try lubricating eye drops or natural tears to help flush pollen out of your eye. For those with chemical sensitivity look for a product that is preservative-free in unit-dose vials.
  • For a dry hacking cough: Try a teaspoonful of dark honey. Honey contains various nutrients that help to calm a cough and sooth a sore throat.
  • For immune support: Add these functional foods to your diet: Molkosan fermented whey promotes healthy intestinal flora and Biotta elderberry juice provides a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants for immune and respiratory support.

Finding relief from seasonal allergies may involve a variety of lifestyle, supplemental and medical approaches. For more advice, consult with your health care practitioner.

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