Take a Yoga Walk: Fuse Walking, Yoga & the Outdoors & Reap Mega Health Benefits! by Nicole DeAvilla

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7 years ago

Take a Yoga Walk: Fuse Walking, Yoga & the Outdoors & Reap Mega Health Benefits!

One of my clients was short on time. Sound familiar? As a yoga therapist, I knew that in addition to the yoga practices, getting outdoors in nature and walking would also be therapeutic for him. Fortunately, the studio I worked at was near a creek. We would mindfully walk to the creek. Then we would stop and do some yoga and breathing practices overlooking the water while watching birds.

Back at the studio we finished with yoga on the floor and meditation. Each activity by itself is highly beneficial. When you combine them, you give yourself a mega dose of healthy! Even if you don’t have a creek nearby, walking outdoors wherever you are to practice your yoga can give you these benefits:

  • cardiovascular
  • stress reduction
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • focus
  • changed perspective
  • uplifted mood

Maybe it's time for a walk?

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Elisa Schmitz
This blends my two fave exercises, Nicole DeAvilla ! Thank you!!
Toni Graham
Walking outdoors is so beneficial. We are so lucky in NZ to have so many great places that you can get outdoors and enjoy your surroundings. Nothing like adding some meditation, and yoga. What a great tip. Nicole!
Nicole DeAvilla
Thank you! I would love to go to NZ one of these days soon.

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