The Day I Learned What a Narcissist Was Changed My Life by Laurie Balles Simpson

3 months ago
The Day I Learned What a Narcissist Was Changed My Life

I was 35, sitting on Stacey's couch. Stacey was my therapist.

I was an empty shell of a woman, getting a divorce and there to find out how and why. What I did know was this was not the first time I felt this way – and the common denominator was me.

Through our sessions I learned about codependency, selflessness vs. self-worth and how selfish wasn't a bad word after all. That day, Stacey introduced me to narcissism, as if she knew all along that it was a common denominator that I hadn't considered. 

I had been a narcissist's perfect catch. I learned about a narcissist's: 

  • inability to empathize
  • gas lighting
  • ambient abuse
  • narcissistic supply

My understanding became tangible. 

It's been six years since I've seen Stacey. She changed my life that day and so did I.

Have you been the victim of a narcissist? Share your story below.

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Matthew Bedford
Codependency can be one of the toughest to recognize and understand. Self awareness is essential. Great post/tip.
Laurie Balles Simpson
Thanks Matt. Learning about codependency was a truly eye opening moment too.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Holy moly, @Lasimp34. I have chills. Not just because your writing is so compelling, but for personal reasons, too. Thank you for sharing this so others will be made aware!
Laurie Balles Simpson
Thank you Elisa! I often wished I had learned about these things much sooner but am grateful that I did at all. If my sharing helps someone sooner rather than later then I'm all for it!!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thank you for sharing from the heart, Laurie ! We are lucky to have you in our tribe!
Laurie Balles Simpson
Thank you Ann Marie. I'm grateful for your inspiration and support always!
Marianne DiMarco-Temkin
I am so proud of you, Laurie. It takes huge courage to be so open. SO many people are going to benefit because of your generously sharing your stories. Miss you very much. xoM
Laurie Balles Simpson
Thank you Marianne. That was my hope in sharing it. Miss you!!
Morgan Hawthorne
Right there with you, girl, except my relationship is with a narcissistic sibling. Either way, it hurts. Thanks for the inspirational words!!!!

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