Eat Clean & Workout All Week But Not Seeing Progress? Think About This... by Heather Frey

5 years ago
Eat Clean & Workout All Week But Not Seeing Progress? Think About This...

Where do you want to be on Monday? Ahead of your fitness game, or behind? Because to allow yourself to fall down every weekend after a great nutrition-filled and killer-workout week will always keep you "even." You may not fall behind, but you'll never really get ahead. You'll always stay "even-Steven," and that's probably not your goal. If you keep rewarding (or consoling) yourself with food, you'll never get to celebrate your victory. Treat yourself responsibly with these tips:

  • Choose a MEAL, not a day, to indulge.
  • Even for that meal, don't go overboard.
  • Stop thinking of food as your reward or comfort, find something else.
  • Remember, weekend calories are the same as weekday calories - Saturday and Sunday count just as much as the other days.

Keep your head and body in the game, every day!

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Excellent advice, Heather Frey! Many of us may think we get weekends off, and then lose all the progress we made during the week. The mindset has to be the same every day! Thanks!!
Kelli Porcaro
Yep needed to read this today! Thanks Heather Frey
Kim Kusiciel
This is so true Heather Frey ! It's easy to overindulge on the weekend. I like the "meal" idea. It's easy and practical. :)

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