Want to Make Life Easier? Then Let Go of This One Thing – Right Now! by Barb Desmarais

7 years ago

Want to Make Life Easier? Then Let Go of This One Thing – Right Now!

A lot of conflict in families is related to expectations. We nag our partners for not doing what seems obvious to us or we sink into disappointment when our kids don't respond to something we've planned, the way we expected.

When we can accept people we love for who they are, life becomes simpler. What might be an eye sore to you, your partner may not even notice. No one is a mind reader, so we have to avoid assuming someone is feeling a certain way or will act a certain way.

How do you make life easier?

Donna John
I love this, @barb. This is something that took me a very, very long time to learn. I was very bad about thinking others would respond the way I would, do something that I would do or even care about things I care about. Most often that's not the case. This is a lesson I have learned (finally!), and it does make life a lot easier. Thanks for the reminder and sharing your wisdom with the tribe!
Barb Desmarais
Thanks Donna! Yes, I often have to remind myself to let go of the notion that everyone things the way I do.
Donna John
After saying that I found I did it to myself yesterday! Guess it's something we always have to work at and remind ourselves. :-)
Elisa Schmitz
This is so simple, yet so profound. Thank you for the eye-opener most people need to hear, Barb Desmarais! Donna John
Jennison Grigsby
Yes, yes, yes. Often my meditation in the morning is to identify what my expectations are during the day and then.... let go of them! Learning to let go of expectations has definitely been a HUGE lesson with a unpredictable 11 month old!
Chef Gigi
Beautiful post Barb
Kelli Porcaro
Great word @barb. Imagine how different our relationships would be if we could consistently practice this!!
Barb Desmarais
Thank you Kelli. I have really found that letting go of expectations makes a huge difference in all my relationships.
Naimah Razak
Life would be so much easier if we can internalize and practice this!
You are so right! 🥰

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