Aloe Vera Is for More Than Just Sunburn! 3 Other Surprising Uses! by Jennifer Young

2 years ago
Aloe Vera Is for More Than Just Sunburn! 3 Other Surprising Uses!

The aloe vera plant's leaves contain a gooey, translucent gel that is mostly water and a yellowish "sap." They contain almost all the amino acids and vitamins A, B, C and E. There is a complex carbohydrate in the gel that allows nutrients to reach the cells. The gel and sap can be used topically or orally.

  • Use the gel only as anti-aging and nourish regiment. Mix it with honey and brown sugar for a multi-purpose facial.
  • Blend it with your favorite drink or smoothie to help your skin absorb more of the vitamins and minerals consumed each day and to cut free radicals. The aloe gel and sap can be bitter, so blending it to something sweet might help your taste buds.
  • Use regularly (and for a long period of time) for the vitamins and minerals to aid in weight loss

And yes, it's also good for sunburn!

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