Fermented Foods: 4 Things You Need to Know About This Food Trend! by Felicia Stoler

4 years ago
Fermented Foods: 4 Things You Need to Know About This Food Trend!

Kombucha? Kefir? Yogurt? What exactly are the rules when it comes to fermented foods? Here are four things you might not have known!

  • Fermentation is natural. Fermentation is the natural process microorganisms use to break down one substance into a simpler one.
  • Supermarket fermented foods may not contain live beneficial organisms. Many products found in the supermarket have been pasteurized – this destroys friendly organisms.
  • Beneficial bacteria supports more than your digestive health. Your gut flora is a great tell in regards to how your immune system is functioning.
  • Fermented foods aren't the only way to support your gut flora. Some dietary fibers, called prebiotic fibers, support the growth and stimulate the activity of beneficial bacteria. This fiber is present in tasteless and odorless supplements like Regular Girl, an on-the-go prebiotic fiber/powder I use to support my health and digestive system.

Give fermentation a try!

Mei Marcie
Probiotics studied to have some protective effect against eczema if taken in 3rd trimester and also first few months.. any tips on choosing a good quality one, especially given the numerous strains available? Must it always be taken daily?
Felicia Stoler
Mei Marcie Your system isn't going to shut down if you don't take a probiotic daily, but they're definitely beneficial for your digestive system's health. It's wonderful that probiotics can help to protect your infant against eczema! I like to take 100% natural probiotic supplements that not only contain probiotics, but also include prebiotic fiber for that extra benefit. Regular Girl is one of my faves.

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