Don't Think Sugar Relates to Heart Health? Think Again! by Nicole DeAvilla

Don't Think Sugar Relates to Heart Health? Think Again!

It can be hard to limit calories and help obese kids lose weight. These children are at risk for several diseases including heart disease, so learning new ways to help is good news! A study in Atherosclerosis showed that when only focusing on reducing sugar (the kids still ate the same calories) for nine days, there were enormous improvements in the kids’ cardiovascular risk factors. 

Kids can still eat foods they like such as pizza and bagels (everything in moderation) if they keep the sugar out of their diets. Less sugar is healthy for the whole family. 

Read the New York Times article!

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Chef Gigi
Nicole DeAvilla love this read! I'm a strong advocate on urging families to lance read - now is such a good time considering labels are now new and improved ! ( new mandate might only be in CA I think ) anyway- there is SO much sugar in savory foods and when I detox and load Keto diet regiment I can even taste the sugars in a steak! Amazing -it everywhere- we certainly don't need to add a candy or pastry to the mix!
Nicole DeAvilla
So true Chef Gigi Gaggero - and food is so delicious without the sugar! My husband just realized that the bread he bought - even though whole wheat and healthy looking - had a lot of sugar in it. He teases me about reading labels, but then I don't bring home the sugar! :)

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