4 Things More Important Than a Number When You're Trying to Get Fit! by Heather Frey

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2 years ago
4 Things More Important Than a Number When You're Trying to Get Fit!

Just when you fit into your smaller clothes, have a solid grip on your nutrition and workouts, and you're feeling great, you get on the scale and ... Boom! ... the numbers bring you down. So get off the scale and stop measuring your success by numbers. Remember, scales only measure one thing – weight. And weight is only one factor in fitness. If you took two women of the same height and clothes size but one had loads of lean muscle while the other never worked out, the woman with the muscle would weigh more. Muscle is compact so more of it fits in the same space. Scales don’t take into account your fat loss and muscle gain or how fabulous you look in your jeans. Your best measures of success are:

  • clothes
  • compliments
  • inches
  • the mirror 

Don't let that scale bring you down!

Nicole DeAvilla
This is such an important reminder!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Thank you for this, Heather Frey . With all the holiday weight gain on our minds, this is especially helpful and timely! XOXO

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