Cold & Flu Symptoms: 4 Ways to Improve Them & Stop Feeling Sick & Tired! by Pamela Allen

Cold & Flu Symptoms: 4 Ways to Improve Them & Stop Feeling Sick & Tired!

I'm most prone to emotional eating when I'm unwell. Somehow, I believe dessert will meet my need for coddling and care. Here are some healthier ideas: 

  1. Flush the virus out through constant hydration. I like a touch of fruit juice mixed with sparkling water or ginger tea with honey, lemon, turmeric and a bit of cayenne. 
  2. Take steamy showers to open up congestion. 
  3. Recline in a warm bath with Epsom salts and lavender to soothe and relax an achy body. 
  4. Rest. Climbing into bed with magazines and an old movie meets my need for pampering!

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And the latest study on feeding a cold and starving a fever

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