6 Fun Ways to Eat Olives (& the Healthy Reasons You Should)! by Beth Aldrich, CHC, AADP, CNT

6 years ago
6 Fun Ways to Eat Olives (& the Healthy Reasons You Should)!

When you think of olives, does the image come to mind of when you were little and you used to stick one on the end of each finger and then nibble them off? I know I did! These fiber and vitamin E-rich little babies supply the oh-so-important heart-healthy monounsaturated type of good fat that every mom needs. Olives are chocked full of minerals such as iron and copper, too!

You're going to want to:

  • slice them up in your salads
  • put them on top of your pizza
  • pack them in a sandwich bag for a quick snack
  • chop them up in chicken or tuna salad
  • marinate them in olive oil and fresh herbs
  • eat them with cheese, dried fruit and a glass of your favorite wine

You'll find yourself saying, "Olive another one!" Get your kids to eat them, too (even on their fingers)!

Donna John
I love olives, @bethaldrich. I have a great olive tapenade recipe. I'll have to dig it out and share it soon. I've also made fried olives stuffed with cheese. Not the healthiest way, but yummy!
Donna John
I was just asked if all these healthy benefits apply to both black and green olives, Beth Aldrich, CHC, AADP, CNT . Thanks in advance for your expertise!

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