6 Tips to Help You Grill Meat Like a Pro (Plus an Easy Marinade Recipe)! by Annette Jett

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2 years ago
6 Tips to Help You Grill Meat Like a Pro (Plus an Easy Marinade Recipe)!

Want to grill beef like a grillmaster? Try these tips!

  • To maximize flavor and moistness of beef, grill it as a whole roast. 
  • Rib roast, flank steak and tenderloin are all nice choices for the grill. 
  • To marinate, cover the meat with olive oil and my favorite rub: equal parts of salt, pepper, parsley and dried mustard. Leave it on overnight to ensure the most flavor.
  • Before you cook, remove it from the refrigerator and bring to room temperature. 
  • Grill to 5 to 10 degrees under desired temperature, as meat will continue to cook once it is removed from the heat. 
  • To preserve the juiciness of the meat, let it stand for 15 to 20 minutes and then slice.

You are a grillmaster in the making!

Dieter Schmitz
Great tips Annette Jett as we head into Fathers Day and grill season!

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