38 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Cranberries From Thanksgiving by Donna John

38 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Cranberries From Thanksgiving

Q. I have a bag of fresh cranberries leftover from the holidays. Any suggestions or recipes on how to use them other than cranberry sauce

Who better to answer a cooking question than foodies? Here's what members of the Shelter in Place Cooking Facebook group had to say about using leftover cranberries:

  1. "You could cook them with some pears or apples and serve with pork or chicken." – Marianne P.
  2. "Dry them in the oven to use later." – Jim S.
  3. "Simple syrup then get creative with a few cocktail recipes." – Jeff C.
  4. "I made a cran-apple galette with mine. So yummy!" – Raejean S.
  5. "They freeze well." – Jerry P.
  6. "Cranberry, mint and lime/lemon sorbet is something I've done. I've also taken the base, added ice and vodka and made a slushy." – Saarin K.
  7. "Gently poach in 1:1 simple syrup with a vanilla bean and 1/2 cinnamon stick until they start to 'pop.' Let cool. Put on everything. Cheese, pudding, foie gras, charcuterie, pan seared salmon, yogurt, etc." – Peter E.
  8. "Cranberry salad." – Travis H.
  9. "Cake or tart!" – Fernanda M.
  10. "You could also make some boozy infusion and save it for next holiday season. Muddle cranberries (you'll need to break the skin) with some lemon or orange peel and cover with vodka. Maybe add a bit of sugar. Let steep for a while and boom! Instant Cosmopolitan!" – Marianne P.
  11. "Cranberry crisp!" – Christina K.
  12. "My sister has a really good recipe for a cranberry salad for the freezer. I think it’s creamy. If it sounds interesting, I can send it to you!" – Christine S.
  13. "Cranberry sorbet." – April L.
  14. "Cranberry orange muffins." – Vicki H.
  15. "Cranberry-jalapeno cream cheese dip." – Jessie M.
  16. "Cobbler." – Charlotte G.
  17. "Orange cranberry bread." – Stephanie K.
  18. "On salads with a walnut vinaigrette and goat cheese or feta." – Beth M.
  19. "They freeze well just in the bag so you can have out of season cranberry goodness!" – Faith K.
  20. "Put them in the Crock Pot with some meatballs, chili sauce, pepper jelly, and a couple pinches if brown sugar. Yummy appetizer." – Gloria F.
  21. "Cranberry martinis!" – Lisa B.
  22. "Scones. Flavored vodka. Ice cubes." – Ben P.
  23. "Cranberry horseradish sauce. Keeps well in freezer and is fantastic on sandwiches as a spread." – Brent L.
  24. "Use them in smoothies." – Sarah C.
  25. "Spiced cranberry conserve for next Christmas, once made, can in ball or mason jars." – Joseph C.
  26. "Make preserves with quince!" – Soo C.
  27. "Cranberry simple syrup." – Abby L.
  28. "Cranberry walnut muffins." – Steven L.
  29. "Last night I made a salad with: apple pieces + celery + fresh cranberry. All coarsely chopped. With dressing made of plain yogurt, honey and cinnamon." – Debora V.
  30. "They make a killer salsa chopped fine with onion, jalapeno and cilantro, pinch of salt and sugar to taste. Serve with Fritos. Or let sit overnight and serve over cream cheese." – Christine F.
  31. "Baked Brie." – Kirsten J.
  32. "Cranberry bread!" – Donna J.
  33. "Cranberry kuchen." – John K.
  34. "Create a sauce and serve over breaded chicken. Garlic onions tarragon, a little applesauce and Worcestershire. It’s a great combo." – Peggy S.
  35. "Cranberry relish. Mix in a food processor with a whole navel orange (peel and all), and a honey crisp apple. You want to run it until the pieces are about the size of a grain of rice. Then mix in about a cup of sugar. You can portion it out and freeze." – Tony C.
  36. "You could make a cranberry steak sauce. I did a pomegranate pinot reduction for our steak last night and it was amazing! I'm guessing cranberry would be really good as well!" – Rachel A.
  37. "Cranberry jelly." – Maya M.
  38. "Pie. Apple and cranberry. They freeze really well, too." – Bonnie H. 

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Donna John
Love all these ideas!! I always buy extra bags of fresh cranberries and throw them in the freezer.
Mmm! Tasty ideas. 😋
Elisa Schmitz
Because of Donna John 's cranberry bread recipe, I am now a fan of cranberries all year round. It's really THAT good: food: Moist Cream Cheese Cranberry Bread Recipe Is a Hall of Fame Recipe

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