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4 years ago

Pantry Recipe Ideas: 15 Easy Recipes That You Make With Pantry Staples

So you've stocked your pantry with canned vegetables, tomatoes, canned beans, canned meats and all the other shelf-stable food options. Now what? These recipes utilize those pantry ingredients – in a delicious way.

1. Texas Caviar: Canned peas, beans and corn transform into a healthy dip or topping for grilled chicken.

2. Southwestern White Chicken Chili: Turn chicken broth, beans and spices into a hearty and healthy dinner – in about 30 minutes!

3. Chili Con CarneThick, rich and flavorful, this easy chili con carne recipe hits the spot and uses canned tomatoes, beans and corn.

4. Taco Soup: All the ingredients are in your pantry and it takes about 20 minutes to make this hearty recipe.

5. Creamy Slow-cooker Chicken Chili: Dry ranch dressing mix, corn, beans, tomatoes and spices sit in your slow cooker all day and make culinary magic.

6. Southwestern Pork Chops: With just five ingredients in the marinade that are pantry staples, it'll soon be your go-to weekday family meal.

7. Cheesy Salmon Patties: Canned salmon is a pantry staple, and these cheesy salmon patties are a twist of the tradition version.

8. Cheesy Chicken and Corn Soup: With some leftover chicken and a quick trip to the pantry, you can make this creamy chicken and corn soup recipe in less than 30 minutes.

9. Homemade Salsa: Two kinds of canned tomatoes and canned jalapenos are all you need to make this easy salsa recipe. Use it as a dip or spoon over grilled chicken or steak.

10. Apricot-Glazed Catalina Chicken: Why will you love this chicken recipe? Because it costs hardly anything to make and you can keep the three sauce ingredients in your pantry and chicken in the freezer. The tangy sauce is delicious over rice, another pantry staple.

11. Bean, Mango and Corn Salsa: This healthy dip uses corn and black beans, and is a refreshing snack or topping for grilled pork or chicken.

12. Roasted Red Pepper Dip: When canned cannellini beans meet jarred roasted red peppers, the results are healthy and delish.

13. Classic Chickpea Hummus: Grab that can of chickpeas out of the pantry and whip up this easy hummus recipe.

14. Roasted Garbanzo Beans: Drizzle a can of garbanzo beans with a little olive oil and they turn into a healthy, crunchy snack.

15. French Chicken: With the exception of the chicken, all the ingredients in this easy chicken dish are from the pantry.

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Mmm, great home meal ideas, thanks.
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Wonderful ideas for what to make during these quarantine times, and anytime!

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