Roasted Cherry Tomatoes: How to Cook & Use Those Ripe Gems of Summer by Alison Mountford

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2 years ago
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes: How to Cook & Use Those Ripe Gems of Summer

I'm guilty of overbuying cherry tomatoes; we can't possibly eat them all. They're too good to waste so here’s an idea on how to use them:

  • Toss tomatoes with a good glug (professional term, I swear) of olive oil and salt on a sheet pan.
  • Add a clove of garlic if you have one.
  • Roast at 425 degrees F for about 8-10 minutes or until about half of them have popped.
  • Let cool and scrape all, including the oil and juices, into glass jars or plastic storage containers to eat later. They'll freeze well for six months or last in the fridge for a week.

Here’s how to eat them:

  • Saute sausage and add tomatoes near the end for a fast sauce.

You'll thank yourself in January for a burst of summer bounty!

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Donna John
Love roasted tomatoes. I like to throw some fresh basil or other herbs on top at the end of cooking. I had no idea you could freeze them!
Renee Herren
This looks delicious!

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