BBQ Rosemary: Here's Why This Herb Is My Fave for Cooking & More! by Donna John

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2 years ago
BBQ Rosemary: Here's Why This Herb Is My Fave for Cooking & More!

Heard of BBQ rosemary? If you're thinking of throwing some rosemary on the grill with a little sauce, you're wrong. BBQ rosemary is a type of rosemary that's well-known for its flavor and strong stems. Of the four rosemary plants growing in my yard, three of them are BBQ rosemary. During our exceptionally cold winter here in Texas, they never faltered in being that beautiful patch of green in the flower beds. Gotta love 'em, and here's how to use 'em:

Cut skewer-size pieces of rosemary and use for actual skewers to make kebabs. Carefully thread your  chicken, shrimp, pork, beef or vegetables on the skewers and grill as usual. Flavortown!

Cut shorter pieces of rosemary to use as stirrers in cocktails. Not only are they functional, but they'll impart a hint of flavor. Another plus? You're not leaving a negative footprint on the earth by using plastic straws.

BBQ rosemary is also perfect for decorating. Put skewers in a vase for an instant aromatic arrangement. Lay pieces on your mantel for a rustic flair. Tie a bundle onto a fork or on top of fabric napkins to spruce up a table for a get-together. You'll find vases all over my kitchen with a plethora of herbs – but the rosemary always takes center stage.

Rosemary needs to be pruned often. Store the cut branches either in a vase (think decoration) or simple keep in a jar filled with a little water until needed. They will last a very long time – weeks! Get out those recipe books out or Google some rosemary recipes (we have some here, too, see below!) and start enjoying this rockin' herb.

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Beautiful and fragrant
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
How cool is this?! I want to try the skewers and stirrers for Memorial Day weekend!! Donna John Chef Gigi Gaggero
Michael Kennedy
And it smells so darn good!
Donna John
Doesn't it??? I always rub the leaves when I walk by and smell my hands all day. :)

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