Instant Pot®: Why I Think It’s the Must-Have Appliance for Your Kitchen! by Margaret Steck

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7 years ago

Instant Pot®: Why I Think It’s the Must-Have Appliance for Your Kitchen!

I'm not much of a kitchen gadget gal, but a few weeks ago I read a review about the Instant Pot® and how much of a time saver it was for cooking. Intrigued, I bought one the next day and I can honestly say that I've used it every day since taking it out of the box!

The Instant Pot is extremely easy to use, and you can make anything from soups and stews to oatmeal and tasty pasta dishes in an hour or less. You can even make your own homemade yogurt! I love being able to make meals using just one pot and being able to cook tasty, home-cooked meals in very little time! Have I piqued your interest yet? Check out hundreds of recipes on Pinterest simply by searching "Instant Pot" and you'll see how easy it is to use!

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Elisa Schmitz
You've definitely piqued my interest, Margaret Steck ! I so want to try this!
Kimberly Johnson
I can't wait to head to find some easy recipes for my Instant Pot! All I've made so far is rice. Off to Pinterest I go!
Laurie Balles Simpson
This is right up my alley! Thank you for sharing.
Syed Rahman
actually, what type of food I can cook by this?
Margaret Steck
You would be surprise by how many different foods you can cook with it. Rice, beans and other grains are pretty standard. You can also cook pot roasts, or chicken and dumplings, soups or pasta sauces. You can even make yogurt with it. And although I personally haven't yet tried it, you could even make hard boiled eggs!
Melinda Sharp
Who knew? I know a lot of people living in Apartments but then and swear by them. Now, I want one, too!

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