How to Make No-Bake Spooky Spider Halloween Sandwich Cookies! by Christine Jones

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10 months ago
How to Make No-Bake Spooky Spider Halloween Sandwich Cookies!

Store-bought Oreos or Trader Joes's Joe Joe Halloween Cookies make assembling these spider cookies a snap! My kids like to help make them as well, which is always fun! We call it food crafting (is that a thing?).

You'll need:

  • 1 box Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies or Trader Joe's Joe Joe Cookies
  • pretzel sticks
  • can of chocolate frosting
  • edible candy eyes

Here’s how you make them:

  1. Take six pretzel sticks and insert three sticks into the filling on each side.
  2. With frosting, attach two candy eyes onto the top of the cookie.

Pour a glass of milk and enjoy! Couldn't be easier right?

Trader Joe's Halloween Joe Joe Cookies
Trader Joe's Halloween Joe Joe Cookies $11
Within the wafers is classic vanilla bean cream, accented with naturally-derived orange color (from annatto).
Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies $4
The favorite of millions around the world since 1912.
Wilton Candy Eyeballs
Wilton Candy Eyeballs $7
Put a fun face on cookies, cupcakes, candy and cake pops!
Chocolate Frosting
Chocolate Frosting $2
One 16-ounce tub of chocolate frosting.
Beigel Beigel Pretzels
Beigel Beigel Pretzels $7
One 5.25-ounce bag of extra thin pretzel sticks.

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